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There are hundreds or thousands of “hydro” shops on corners and in strip malls across the country. Why? Because the amount of money changing hands in the medicinal crops sector is in the tens of billions of dollars and growing. And it seems that almost daily a plethora of new products is launched promising to be the answer everyone has been waiting for. Subsequently, navigating through this overload of new products and often exaggerated (at best) claims can become daunting. And choosing the wrong product or believing an unsupported claim can cost you and your operation money.

Blue Seal Grow Centers sell supplies to the medicinal crops and food production sectors. But from day one we have committed to do something different from the vast majority of average “hydro” shops. We have retained a noted, well respected and completely independent controlled environment agriculture science consultant as a resource for our customers. He is a science resource not a sales person. When you talk with him about products, product claims, operational issues, grow room integration or ROI maximization the information you get will be based on the latest science data from peer reviewed research from around the world. In other words – science. In addition, we have an in house, science based, respected, experienced and successful commercial grower who can also answer your operational questions. Success is largely a result of your ability to operate your business with precision, efficiency, predictability, proactive responsiveness and repeatability. This requires financial and accounting skills, marketing skills, design capability and a solid understanding of the science of plant production. When you’re ready to get serious – come talk with us. We take the science of growing and the success of your business very seriously.

You can access their knowledge simply by visiting one of our locations, calling the stores listed below or dropping us an e-mail.