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     Whether you are a VC backed high value commercial medicinal crops grow facility operator, a small/medium sized farmer trying to develop a business plan to keep you viable in this environmentally and financially demanding 21st century marketplace or a serious home gardener – you need to take the science of growing very seriously. Competitive and financial pressures are high and getting higher. Whether we like it or not the name of the game is cost of production per unit of product. In the medicinal crops sector wholesale prices have dropped well over 50% in the past couple of years. That cost reduction has come through automation in the grow facility, incorporation of the latest scientific research findings in disciplines from organic chemistry and genetics to lighting science and adherence to strict accounting and managerial principles. In short – science.

150 Years of Blue Seal Science

     The amount of scientific research in the medicinal crops (and for that matter general agricultural) sector has dramatically increased in the past couple of years as legalization has expanded and the money in the sector has increased. Almost weekly, new peer reviewed research papers are published with data that can be incorporated into grow operations and help them drive that cost per unit produced price even lower. Thus improving their profitability and competitive edge.

     We cannot even begin to bring you all the relevant scientific research currently out there. We can, however, attempt to provide you with some of the science that might increase your knowledge level and help you bring greater efficiency into your own grow operation. So, we will periodically post articles written by our controlled environment agriculture science consultant, articles by our licensed commercial medicinal crops grower, abstracts from research papers from around the world, portions of peer reviewed research papers and anything else we feel might benefit your efforts. If it is real, researched, peer reviewed science we will present it to you. If it is science fiction or anecdotal (my buddy told me) you will have to go elsewhere. Sit back, read and enjoy!

Science Articles & Resource

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Thoughts On Nutrient Management

As the controlled environment agriculture science consultant to the Blue Seal stores throughout New England and an independent science consultant to the high value/medicinal sector – I take plant science very seriously. Your success as a grower and business person may very well depend on it. I field dozens of questions weekly on the best […]

CO2 supplementation

CO2 SUPPLEMENTATION FOLLOW-UP:      A very common question to me when lecturing or doing evaluations at commercial grow operations is “When do I supplement my grow chamber with CO2 and how much do I supply?” A great question. Supplementing with CO2 can indeed substantially increase the rate of photosynthesis when used correctly. This can result […]

Lighting Science 101

SHEDDING SOME LIGHT Lighting is, perhaps, the least understood aspect of indoor growing.  I say this as a science consultant to the controlled environment agriculture sector. We all know light is essential for growing, but what kind do you choose – fluorescent, HPS, metal halide, induction, plasma, light emitting ceramic, LED? What kind is best […]