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Fifteen years ago, I went to a local Blue Seal store looking for a product. I ended up talking with the store manager for a couple of hours. That was the start of a collaboration that has continued to grow over the years.

Now I grow 30,000 seedlings each year for Blue Seal stores in a controlled environment greenhouse I designed and built. I am also an independent controlled environment and agricultural science consultant for the Blue Seal stores throughout New England. I dedicate much of my time to researching the science and data associated with the unique production requirements of the complex high value/medicinal sector. I assisted Blue Seal in developing comprehensive, science based, indoor/controlled environment grow departments designed to help you get the right products for your crop production – whether that is food, ornamental or high value/medicinal crops.

David O’Connor

Your Controlled Environmental/Agricultural Science Advisor

What does this collaboration mean for you? You, the grower, have a valuable resource. First, a source for products that are based on science and data – not label graphics and marketing hype. If it is in store it has science and data backing it up. Second, you have access to the latest peer reviewed science data to guide you in your decision making.

Having an Ivy League science education, I have been a science and data driven commercial grower for many years. I do not work for Blue Seal nor do I represent any companies. I am a “science guy” not a salesperson.

Whether you are a home gardener with questions about one pot of petunias or you are a commercial grow operation, helping you reach your goal of optimal growing will be approached with the same level of care and attention. If you cannot find an answer at the Blue Seal store or you want to discuss technical issues, the store staff can call me or you can contact me directly through the link below. No matter what crop you grow or how big or small your operation is, the goal is the same – the highest productivity with the highest quality at the lowest production cost.

Blue Seal and I look forward to working with you to help you achieve that goal.

David O’Connor

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