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     The Internet is a wonderful thing – full of products, services, information, deals and opinions that cover the entire spectrum. But it can also be an overwhelming blur that can leave one utterly confused and unsure of what to believe or which direction to turn. When you access the resources at the Blue Seal Grow Centers you can rest assured that you will find one thing – SCIENCE. If you have questions that require detailed insight and explanation – you are in the right place. Our controlled environment agriculture science consultant will answer your operational/science questions with answers based on the latest peer reviewed research data. Our in house, highly experienced, well respected, science based commercial medicinal grower can share years of operational experience with you.

     Obviously, our existence as a retail entity depends on selling things. And virtually everything in the world is available on line with all sorts of sales and shipping incentives. So why buy supplies from us? Growing – and especially commercial growing of food or medicinal/recreational crops – is a very demanding endeavor. And in today’s highly competitive environment your ability to maximize productivity and quality while minimizing input costs is the key to survival. Choosing the correct products for your operation and knowing how to properly apply them is critical. Efficiency and effectiveness = money! A tremendous amount of money is wasted in this sector – on ineffective or unnecessary products and products that do not integrate properly with your operation. We very often talk you out of buying products that you do not need. Part of our mission statement is to gain your trust and respect through honesty and science education. Whether you have a 30 second question or need a 2 hour “sit down session” our science team is here to support you. Have a problem with a product you purchased? Customer service is a prime directive. And by the way, even if you are a “one plant in a pot on the deck” grower you will get the same level of service and attention.

Questions? Our science team can be accessed through any of our store locations.