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     Located just 1 mile from the Maine border in Rochester, New Hampshire the Rochester Blue Seal Grow Center is a well-known and loved resource center for growers of all kinds, sizes and crops. For the medicinal crops and hemp growers of Southern Maine, it is a beacon of science and support in a world of science fiction, misinformation, a plethora of products with competing claims and the dizzying fog of “information” on the internet. It is the home store for our controlled environment agriculture science consultant. He is not a sales person. In fact, he doesn’t even work for us. He is an independent science consultant we make available to you – our valued customers – as a support service for your grow operation. His function is to help you understand the science of plant production and then help you implement that science by choosing the correct products – whether you by them from us or not – to help you assure the success of both your plants and your business.

His support goes far beyond the medicinal crops sector. He was a commercial producer of food crops for Farmers Markets, stores and restaurants using controlled environment chambers. He works with many customers on the science and techniques of producing food crops either for home or commercially. The transition from 100% conventional field growing to adding controlled environment capabilities is helping many small and medium sized farms to once again compete in the demanding world of agriculture. Such a transition can also carry positive environmental impacts.

     The Rochester Blue Seal store has served the farm and home market for 150 years. Its shining reputation has been well earned over that long period. Its commitment to the rapidly growing medicinal crops and hemp sector is a logical extension of the decades long commitment to quality and service.

     Located in TAX FREE New Hampshire, that incentive alone can make a strong positive impact on your bottom line. Combine that with meaningful discounts for commercial growers and a starting price point lower than most other stores – your business model will be very happy! And of course, bulk purchases and delivery within range are always available.