Grow Center Locations Bangor ME, Milford NH & Rochester NH
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     Located in Milford, New Hampshire just across the border from North Central Massachusetts, the Milford New Hampshire Blue Seal Grow Center is a true “hidden gem” resource center for the large and active medicinal crops and hemp sectors in Massachusetts. All of the science and technical support available at our other Blue Seal Grow Centers is also available to you through the Milford store. Like the Bangor, Maine store the Milford store is large and comprehensibly stocked to supply the daily operational needs of any sized grow operation. You have full access to our controlled environment agriculture science consultant and our highly experienced, science based commercial grower either by phone or on line.

     Being in TAX FREE New Hampshire, your purchases will immediately have a positive impact on your business’s bottom line. Commercial grower discounts are offered, bulk orders are welcomed and delivery is available within range.