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CBS NEWS – 60 MINUTES *********in California: How the state’s legalization of weed has not destroyed the black market This is a short and interesting look at the problems California has seen after the legalization vote nearly four years ago. It highlights many of the same issues that were...

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READ THIS SHORT ARTICLE! EXPERT OPINION: DID YOU KNOW? By Nadia Sabeh, Ph.D., PE, LEED AP Humidity, Pests, and Pathogens Controlling humidity is important to ensure good plant health and productivity. … Under both too-dry and too-wet conditions, the plant will be stressed and, if prolonged, can...

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What’s the “best” light?

THE “BEST” LIGHT FOR MY PLANTS? I get a lot of questions from growers using LED lighting. Many of them have fixtures that allow them to adjust the light spectrum by multiple dials – more blue, more red etc. They ask “what is the best setting for those dials?” The bottom-line answer is quite...

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