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     Today, there seems to be an “indoor grow store” on almost every corner. Even hardware and big box stores have “hydroponic” departments. Why? Because there is an enormous amount of money at stake. But anyone who has made a serious attempt at growing either food or high value medicinal crops in a grow tent or controlled environment chamber knows well that it is a very demanding process requiring knowledge and experience. And as the legal medicinal crops market rapidly expands – competition increases. For a commercial grower of either food or medicinal crops – it is all about the bottom line cost of production. The wholesale cost of medicinal crops has dropped sharply over the past year. One reason – large, well-financed commercial grow operations now employ science, technology, data tracking and meticulous accounting techniques to manage every aspect of production. All aimed at lowering the final “cost per unit produced” figure. If you can’t compete – you can’t survive!

     The Blue Seal Grow Centers are driven by a single principle – offering you – the grower – the best products currently available AND the knowledge you need to decide which of those products are best suited to your operation and how to use them effectively.