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For over 150 years the Blue Seal group has been a trusted, respected partner to the agriculture community. Today – more than ever – that partnership can mean the difference between your business success and failure. More and more growers are seeing the quality and quantity benefits of controlled environment agriculture – and reaping the financial benefits. The rapidly expanding high value medicinal/recreational sector is creating new markets with high financial return potential. But the competition is fierce. Those who succeed will do so through a rigorous commitment to strict science backed protocols and a focus on one guiding principle – the highest yield, the highest quality and the lowest cost of production.

You take your business seriously. We take you and your business very seriously. Whether you are a small family farm or a large, venture capital funded medicinal/recreational grower - see how partnering with us can help you achieve your quality and financial goals.

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science, supplies and support for your commercial or home grow operation.

A comprehensive inventory of science based, data backed supplies for both the commercial and home grower.

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We speak research backed, peer reviewed science.

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Your resource center for planning and operational support.

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Why People Choose Blue Seal

see some of our grower feedback.

The Blue Seal team taught me how to better use science in my commercial medicinal crops operation. The result? Higher yield, higher quality, less money spent. Thanks Blue Seal!

Daniel MooreLebanon, ME

Our small vegetable farm was struggling. The Blue Seal Grow Center team helped us make our field growing more efficient and productive. Then they helped us set up light chamber growing! Now we are growing year round and have fresh products for our customers 12 months a year. We feel a lot more like a year round business now!

Amelia JonesBangor, ME

I could never understand the very confusing issue of lighting and how to properly use different light fixtures in my grow operation – until I walked into a Blue Seal Grow Center. I now help fellow growers with their light systems. The science is real and it works! If you have questions these are the people to talk to!

Peter JacksonBoston, MA

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